I'm Kanda, and I decided to do a blog to let people know how I do things with my kids, and also let other's give ideas. For the summer I love to do an activity calander so the children will never get bored. I try to make it fun and inexpensive. I think the children do look forward to it. I will try and post two times a week on fun things we are doing or give suggestions on what you can do. Some things will be new to me and some I just repeat, because it works.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Fun

Christmas time is a great time to do traditions, and lots of activities while school is out. A couple of years ago I made a cute advent calender with the help of my moms great artistic skills at computer art. Think of a cheap chocolate candy advent calender that you eat a chocolate a day. Well this is the same concept. Except you use the windows for activities of course. I always start day one with decorating my daughters grave. I want the children to know it's good to remember the deceased, and that family and friends are not ever forgotten. In no particular order I'm naming some I have in the window boxes: make snowflakes, bake cookies, drive around looking at lights in neighborhood, visit library, sing carols,  build a snowman, watch a movie, read a Christmas book, wrap gifts and play a family game. Most of the things I don't duplicate, but you can if you love doing it.