I'm Kanda, and I decided to do a blog to let people know how I do things with my kids, and also let other's give ideas. For the summer I love to do an activity calander so the children will never get bored. I try to make it fun and inexpensive. I think the children do look forward to it. I will try and post two times a week on fun things we are doing or give suggestions on what you can do. Some things will be new to me and some I just repeat, because it works.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Recently my husband has informed me you are allowed to legally download for 3 songs from the library each week. He borrows my card so he can get more songs. He does this from his card directly from the Internet. This is called freegalmusic.com the library uses.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Bubbles can be made at home, and colored as well. This is a recipie by Steffanie Brown
1 cup water
2 tablespoons light karo syrup or 2 tablespoons glycerin
4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

Colored Bubbles - Steffanie Brown
1 cup granulated soap or soap powder
1 quart warm water
Liquid food coloring
Plastic straws
Small juice cans

Monday, May 23, 2011

Building Activities

Home Depot building activities are done for free. Every first Saturday there is a sign up sheet. My son’s have made small planter pots, in which we painted and put flowers in at home. Each child chose a different color. They’ve also made a picture frame. And I had them look at the pictures on the computer to decide which one they want in it, and hung it in their room. Lowe’s does this twice a month in Sandy on Saturdays, you can sign up online.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Reading

Reading in the summer is important. My kids can keep the reading skills they have, and hopefully improve them. Become better spellers, and I hope learn to love reading. Which I think my 10 year old has learned to love it more now. They don't know that their teachers never assigned homework. I just say do you homework, which can mean reading during the summer. Lucky them I'm adding writing skills this summer. They've never questioned this yet. Last year I had my kids participate in two programs. The Sandy Library and the Governor's summer reading. We start the beginning of summer and usually finish by the first of August as their goal. But, of course I keep them reading the entire summer. The rewards were small prizes every month from the library. Sometimes we get a free kids meal from the Governor's reading, it comes by mail in two months. And last year we also did one called "Read and Win" from the State Fair. We got tickets for the kids, which also can with free drink, and one free ride. They loved this. Just remember the parents pay for themselves. And we did get lots of ride tickets.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remembering Loved Ones

I lost a daughter to S.I.D.S. almost three years ago. This Sunday will be her birthday. I like to think and be on the positive side and not dwell on her death. So since her Birthday is in the late Spring we take a meal and eat at her grave side as a family and bring a cake and sing Happy Birthday. This is something that doesn’t cost a lot if you don’t want it to and is simple the kids don’t have to agonize or ever complain about. This is just one thing we do. We also send balloons into the sky since she was a baby, the kids each hold one. And we let them go at the same time.

Kids Meals

Kids loves kid meals. I think they are overpriced. They rarely eat all the food, and they of course just want the cheap little toy. So what I’ve done for my kids is not get kids meals. They only time they are allowed to get such a thing is on a trip that is more then 2 hours long. The reason is they get costly with a lot of kids, they don’t need a new toy every time you can’t fix dinner or lunch for them and drop by a fast food. I let them pick a hamburger or chicken nuggets and fries. I get cupped water for them. I figure if they are thirsty they’ll drink it. And they will have fewer cavities, less unneeded calories, and less addiction to soda. I get meal for my kids on average once a month at a fast food, and they know since they were little they never got a kids meal. I save it for special occasions or trips. This makes it more special as well. And I don’t have a clutter of little toys around the house that I’m stepping on.

Community Free Activities

Some of the things my children really enjoy are the community free activities. For example, the library, not only do we get books for school and summer reading, we occasionally participate in the sponsored activities. This month I would love my kids to do their version of "Minute to Win It" and sometimes I do the children’s story time for my younger kids. This summer we will also be going to the local skate park, the community designates a family night, in which about half the time there is a sponsor and they do cute things/games with them. I bring my 4 year old’s trike and my oldest child (10) brings his bike. You can bring scooters, and roller blades as well, besides a skate board. I maybe see one skate board the entire time. This year I’m adding "Free Movie at the Park" I’ve been meaning to do this. There’s just so many activities, and either not enough me, or energy I’m not sure. There are 4 movies this summer, I’m not sure which one we’ll attend, and they are at different places. Movies: Justin Bieber, Shrek Forever After, How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me. I make the calender of events and then decide what we are up to and can manage that day.

Jobs for kids

Kids sometimes have a hard time doing jobs, or motivation to do them. In my home I expect it to be done, just because you live here, and you need to help out. I actually start about the age of 3.
I do change tactics occasionally, mostly because they get bored of routine, and so do I sometimes. My recent job list is, is just that a list of the name and job for the week. It changes every week, and I rotate that one job. For example one week dishes only, the next garbage or recycling. My little 4 year loves to do his job. The older kids not so much. Being creative can pay off to. Before this latest system I wrote out 11 different jobs. Each job to a coordinating number. Now the child got to roll two dice and that would be their job. If the job was already rolled for, they rolled again. You can write a list of 6 (one die) or 11 (two dice). And before this I did parent money. This kids loved this as well. I went to a website that offered free print offs of money bills with any picture you provide. I put the picture of me and my husband. The kids thought this was funny. They were in dominations of $1 bills. I wrote a list of rewards for certain dollar amounts. For example $9 could be exchanged for the movie theaters, $5 you pick a treat from the treat box. $8 go out for ice cream. The rule was they had to do three things for $1 a day. Go to school on time, do homework and do a job. They were also allowed to earn extra parent money anytime. I had about 10 different rewards, with different prices. It not only taught them the value of jobs and responsibility it taught them how to use money as if it were real.

Summer Days

In anticipation of summer I’ve always made a calender for my kids activities. I also don’t tell them their teacher doesn’t give homework during the summer. I do like them to read 20 min. everyday. To ensure the usage of the minds being used, for imagination, and to keep their reading skills up or improve hopefully. During the summer my kids read 20 min. every weekday, do one simple 5 min. job or less. For example empty dishes, sweep floor, wash a wall or window. And they also have the activity of the day to look forward to. This summer I’ve changed the activity schedule. We have a cooking day. Every Monday a child gets to pick a recipe and we make it. This gives us a chance for one on one, to try their taste and of course learn. Our Tuesday’s are hike day every other week and library day. You can go to the website trails.com for references in your area, or if you are a avid hiker and want to hike out of State. Wednesday are activity days or outings if you want to call them. For June we have Cub Country, a local Museum (free), and Sleeping of the trampoline outside. July we will do Wheeler Farm (free), swimming, and lunch at Dad’s work. August is a Dollar Movie, a Candy Factory tour (free) and Nicklecade. Thursday’s will be park day. Where I live there a lot of parks. So I like to take them to different ones. Sometimes I pack a picnic. And for Friday’s I asked Grandma (my mother) to do a activity/craft with my kids. She’s a wonderful sport to do this. I also provide her with ideas from a magazine, which she uses sometimes. I hope this gives you some ideas and save some sanity for what to do. Summer can be long and crazy. I just like a little order, a lot of fun, and nothing that will break my purse.


Our family likes to do trips. They can be hard on the little ones. I try and hard like any parent to make it fun, and not break the bank for it. Tips for a easier trip. Make sure you have wipes. They are so great for clean ups on you and everything else. Make stops every 2-3 hours. You and your children will need to stretch your legs. For the longer trips I make a grab bag for the kids. I will include treats, dollar toys they haven't seen from the dollar store of course, paper, crayons or washable markers, and stickers. I bring a seperate bag with games and books and more treats. I find it a lot less if I can plan ahead. But, sometimes I do let them get a treat in the convience store if I find they need something else, or I need to excite them. Games we do are singing, alphabet game with signs. For older kids you can do "Who's line is it?" from movies. One person says a line, the others have to guess it. We also love the classic 20 questions, with the classic question "Is it bigger than a bread box?" Trips are also a great time to talk to your child, see how they are. I truely believe if you can always talk to your kids you will be able to maintain the relationship closer and find subjects, even the hard ones easier. One more tip. If your are traveling with a baby or even small toddler on a airplane. Bring a bottle or something to eat if possible on the plane. It always helps with the take off and landing with the ears popping.